Strict regulation in regards to VOCs and steady price increases of the petrochemical-based ingredients are the reasons for growing interest in natural raw materials from industrial  producers who are looking for alternatives that are environmentally friendly and cost effective.

Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (Raw CNSL) is one of the sources of naturally occurring phenols. It is obtained from the cashew nut shells.

Raw CNSL extracted from the Cashew shell by a solvent or cold extraction method contains approximately 70% of anacardic acid (Fig 1), 18% cardol, and 5% cardanol, with the remainder being made up of other phenols and less polar substances.

Further processing of raw CNSL leads to creation of four main products (Technical CNSL, Cardanol, Residol, Friction Particles/Dust used as a replacement for petrochemical-based ingredients.

Key Feature of CNSL based products

  • Renewable raw materials, curing agents, epoxy resins, diluent, and modifiers

  • Fast and low temperature cure, curable under extreme conditions, high humidity and low temperature

  • Excellent surface tolerance

  • Water resistance and salt resistance

  • Anti-corrosion properties

  • Excellent thermal shock resistance, good flexibility

  • Improved durability

  • Good adhesion and mechanical properties

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