Residol,  a highly viscous dark substance is a partially polymerized cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL) obtained as a by product during the Cashew Nut Shell Liquid process.

Applications: Residol is used in brake pads as friction dust and to make Foundry core oils.

Residol is a comparatively  cheap material and can partially or completely replace linseed oil and other drying oils and resins in coating formulations where light color is not a consideration. It retains its phenolic character and can be condensed with formaldehyde, hexamine etc., and can react with styrene monomer, drying oil and synthetic resins easily.

The film of varnishes, enamels and paints formulated from Residol, dries hard either under ambient conditions or on baking. The films of such varnishes  have high gloss, good hardness, flexibility, resistance to water, dilute alkalies, acids and common organic solvents. They have exceptional anti-corrosive properties.

 Applications  Characteristics
Foundry Core Oil
  • Formaldehyde Condensate of residol used in core oil binders
Surface Coatings
  • Used in cycle paints(dark paints) 
  • Residol-Drying oil varnishes
  • Aluminium paints
  • Black enamels
  • Zinc Chrome-Iron Primers
Brake Lining 
  • Acid-catalyzed condensations of formaldehyde and Residol are used in break lining as Friction Dust
Rubber Industries
  • Residol is used as plasticizer and as re-enforcing agent in rubber compounding
Friction Dust
  • Pulverised to different grades Residol resin is used as  stabilizing agent in brake products
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