Cardanol is a natural phenol obtained from anacardic acid, the main component of cashew nutshell liquid (CNSL), a byproduct of cashew nut processing being an eco-friendly substitute for phenols.

Properties: Cardanol contributes to improved flexibility, good drying after baking, high electric insulation properties and thermal stability.These properties make Cardanol an effective substitute for the petroleum-based Phenol.

Application: Cardanol finds use in the chemical industry in Oil and Alcohol soluble resins, laminating resins, rubber compounding and coatings, serving as an excellent raw material for the preparation of high grade insulating varnishes, paints, enamels. It is used in friction materials, and surfactants  as pigment dispersants for water-based inks and to make phenalkamines, which are used as curing agents for the durable epoxy coatings used on concrete floors. Cardanol can  substitute Phenol in up to 30% in phenolic resins used as plywood bonding resin and for the lamination industries.


Application Characteristics
Surface Coatings & Paints
Marine Coating
  • The Cardanol based resins have good compatibility with other synthetic resins such as alkyds, epoxies chlorinated rubber, phenolic etc., and can serve as raw material for variety of paints
    The Cardanol based resins have an excellent anti-corrosive characteristics
  • Pure Cardanol acts as a deoxident and plasticizer when incorporated into rubber
  • Cardanol can be substituted for phenol by up to 30% in phenolic resins used as plywood binding resins and for the lamination industries for cost savings purposes.
Cardanol Based Resins:
Novolac & Resol resins
Oil & Alcohol soluble resins
Phenol-Cardanol-Formaldehyde resin
  • Cardanol based resins show outstanding resistance to softening action of mineral oils and high resistance to acids & alkalis, it has antimicrobial and insect resistance properties.
  • Cardanol based resins have found extensive uses in automotive brake lining applications as binders/friction dust
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Cardanol Derivatives:
Surface Active Agent
Azo Dyes
Wax Substitutes
Mineral Oil Additives
Diluents and modifiers
  • Cardanol Derivatives have been used as antioxidants, stabilizers and demulsifiers for petroleum products as well as plasticizers and processing aids for rubber compounds and modifiers for plastic materials
  • Cardanol and it Derivatives are also used as modifiers in coatings, adhesives, sealants, rubber , plastic, elastomers, composites and inks, in cosmetics for skin , in mosquito abatement, to coat granules used for fertilizers, insecticides, plant protection agents, fungicides and drying agents.

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Brake Lining & Clutch Facings
  • Cardanol based resins have found extensive uses in automotive brake lining applications as binders/friction dust improving impact properties and reducing fade considerably by dissipating heat faster than phenol-formaldehyde (PF) resins.
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