Raw CNSL is a cold press or solvent extracted liquid from Cashew Nut Shell. It contains approximately 70% of anacardic acid, 18% of cardol, 5% of cardanol and 2% of 2-methyl cardanol with the remainder being made up of other phenols and less polar substances. Anacardic acid and Cardanol are monohydroxy phenols. Cardol and methyl cardanol are dihydroxy phenols.

RCT-446 can be decarboxylated to obtain a Technical CNSL (TCNSL) or it can be decarboxylated and distilled to yield high purity Cardanol, a highly desirable alkylphenolic compounds in the coatings and adhesive industries.



Chemical formula of CNSL


Product Viscosity at 250C Description Test Report Sample Available
RCT-446 446 Raw CNSL cold pressed Ask for sample



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