Friction Dust

Based on the expected function, the break materials and additives are grouped into four categories: Abrasives, Friction Modifiers, Fillers and Reinforcements and Binder Materials

Friction Dust is used as a Friction Modifier which consists of cashew resin and additives and modifiers used to meet the specific requirement of the brake lining formulations

Friction dust is a granular, brown or black color, free flowing polymerized resin. Brake manufacturers can choose the most appropriate friction dust material from a broad range of mesh sizes and granulation to be used in metallic, semi-metallic and non asbestos brake products.

Applications Characteristics
Friction Modifiers for brake lining, brake pads, brake shoes, railway block and clutch facing to be used in metallic, semi-metallic and non asbestos brake products,
  •  Improved impact properties and reduced fade considerably by dissipating heat faster than phenol-formaldehyde (PF) resins
    Decomposition on the surface of a lining takes place at various elevated temperatures which controls the wear and offers a protective device by prohibiting excessive temperature from being developed
  • Improved skid resistance and low brake noise
  • The best Friction modifiers out of all  modified phenolic offering impact resistance, flexibility, thermal stability 
  • Great water repellence, required in wet condition
    Cold Weather- CF ((CNSL-Formaldehyde)) resins give rise to a softer material, which is more efficient in 'cold wear'
  • Hot Weather- Modified friction dust for applications in 'hot wear' conditions can be prepared from Modified CNSL Resin or from borated CNSL resin. Borated friction dust is known to be especially used in the production on air brake pads

Application and Characteristics of different Friction Dust modifications

Product  Application/Characteristics
Hexamine Modified Friction Dust
  • Used for wet mixer of friction material as one of the raw material. This is the best friction modifier for light commercial vehicle and heavy commercial vehicle used in plain road. Making cushioning effect and well thermal stability during the application of brake lining, clutch facing and brake pads
Para formaldehyde Modified Friction Dust
  • Used as an organic filler used for dry mixes of friction material as one of the raw material. This friction modifier provides high thermal stability and giving hardness to the brake lining, clutch facing and railway block.
Boron modified Residol black Resin
  • Boron modified friction particle provides an additional strength and good performance to all brakes and reduce noise during the application
Furfural modified Residol black resin
  • Furfural modified friction particle is an organic filler used for wet & dry mixes of friction material.This friction modifier provides very high thermal stability 

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