Residol - Partially polymerised cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL) is obtained as a by-product during the Cashewnut Shell Liquid process after seperatiion the monohydroxyl phenol.

Properties: Residol is an active constituent of CNSL is a meta substituted phenol with long hydrocarbon side chain. As a result of its unique molecular structure, it has many useful properties, which are widely applied in the manufacturing of oil soluble resins, varnishes and paints, friction dusts and chemical resistant linings, rubber compounds, bonding resins, adhesives etc.

Applications: Residol is comparatively cheap material and can wholly or partially replace linseed oil and other drying oils and resins in coating formulations where light color is not a consideration. It retains its phenolic character and can be condensed with formaldehyde, hexamine etc., and can easily react with styrene monomer, drying oil and synthetic resins.

The film of varnishes, enamels and paints formulated from Residol, dry hard either under ambient conditions or on baking. Such films have proved to have high gloss, good hardness and flexibility, resistance to impact, water dilute solution of alkalies, acids and common organic solvents. They have been found to have especially good corrosion resistant properties. 

Residol is also a very suitable raw material for use in the manufacturing of chemical resistant tiles & cements, adhesives, brake lining dusts, resins etc. Its use with rubber compounds improves their processability, ageing properties, abrasion resistance to oils and above all it reduces the cost.

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